“Summer”izing Your Propane Tank

“Summer”izing Your Propane Tank

There are many things propane customers should do to prepare their tanks for the summer months. Propane tanks, like any equipment or storage unit, require year around maintenance to keep them functioning properly and to avoid any expensive repairs in the future.

Clean up around the tank.

Make sure your InterState Propane tank is easily accessible by clearing a path to the tank and cleaning up any debris around the tank. Also be sure that there are not any nests of any kind around the tank including wasps or other insects. This will keep your InterState Propane delivery driver safe and able to access your tank with ease.

Address any repairs that need to be made.

This is the perfect time to inspect your propane tank. Make sure it is functioning correctly and there are not any necessary repairs that need to be made. Making repairs as needed ensures the health of your propane tank and your safety.

Fill your tank before winter.

Propane users should always follow the “80/20 rule” which calls for above ground propane tanks to be filled to about 80% capacity. This leaves 20% of the tank empty for expansion. You should make sure you are prepared when the colder months come along and that your tank is full and ready for heating. Take advantage of typically lower prices during the summer months to fill your propane tank which can in turn, help you lower overall heating costs in the winter.

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