Alternative Fuels

Alternative Fuels

InterState Oil Company is a leader in promoting the use of alternative fuels in the California and Nevada markets. With our terminal infrastructure strengths and the ability to handle rail, we are poised to efficiently and cost effectively handle and distribute high quality biodiesel and ethanol.

Most of the ethanol we distribute is primarily used as an oxygenate in gasoline. We also offer deliveries of E85 that can be used in flex fuel vehicles (vehicles that can use regular gasoline or E85). As demand for E85 continues to grow, InterState Oil Company is proud to offer this product to you at a competitive price.

What is E85?

E85 is the term for a blend of motor fuel comprised of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. The U.S. Department of Energy has named E85 an alternative fuel. E85 is cleaner burning and has a higher octane than gasoline. In addition, it is renewable, domestically produced and environmentally friendly.

What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a clean-burning alternative fuel produced from vegetable oils and animal fats through a chemical reaction and meeting ASTM 6751. Biodiesel alone contains no petroleum diesel, but it can be custom blended with petroleum diesel at any level.

The most commonly used blends are B5 and B20. Biodiesel is not the same as raw vegetable oil. It is produced by a chemical process called transesterification which removes the glycerin from fat or vegetable oils.

Biodiesel Compatibility

Most engines are compatible up to 20% blend (B20) without effect to the internal seals, gaskets, and hoses. Each engine manufacturer has listed its maximum biodiesel blend to meet warranty and engine specifications. Contact the engine manufacturer for more details or click the links provided below to be directed to common manufacturers.

Typically, standard storage and handling procedures used for petroleum diesel can be applied to biodiesel. Components made from fluorinated polyethylene, fluorinated polypropylene, Teflon, Teflon lined, or Viton are recommended for fuel storage.

Engine Manufacturers:

  • Caterpillar Cummins
  • Detroit Diesel
  • Ford
  • GM Motors
  • International
  • John Deere
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo