InterState Oil Company

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Fuel Deliveries

A wide variety of onsite-fueling and fuel delivery options and solutions for your business and fleet needs.

Cardlock Fueling

A new Cardlock system built around customer service, customization and accessibility with competitive pricing.


Top quality lubricants, equipment and product knowledge to improve profit and equipment downtime.

Petroleum Equipment

InterState Oil Company prides itself on the quality and customer service of its Equipment Services Division.

Terminaling / Transloading

InterState Oil Company’s McClellan Terminal is centrally located in Sacramento, CA off Highway 80.

InterState Propane

Residential, Commercial and Agriculture propane provider and delivery service throughout Northern California.

Restaurant Services

A clean, convenient and eco-friendly service of collecting and recycling used cooking oil into renewable fuels.

Emergency Services

Remote fueling, propane and supply services to various entities in the state of emergencies.

Agricultural Solutions

Lower your farm or agricultural operations costs with our various fuel and equipment services and products.

Our locally owned company is considered one of the most diverse companies in the industry.

InterState Oil Company offers an array of services and petroleum products including On-Site Fueling and Bulk Fuel Delivery, Biofuels (Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel), Cardlock Fueling Systems, Lubricants, InterState Propane (Residential and Commercial), InterState Restaurant Services (Collection and Recycling of Used Cooking Oil), and InterState Emergency Services.

Family owned and operated since 1970, we believe that the strength of our company comes from the people within, their dedication and hard work.

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