InterState McClellan Terminal is conveniently located at McClellan Park in Sacramento, CA, just off I-80 near Watt Avenue. It is centrally located in the capitol city, yet close to the bay area.

Our strategic location allows us to offer extensive fuel supply for all Northern California and Nevada terminals. With a massive storage capacity, we help ensure that our customers have fuel during local supply disruptions and shortages. Rest assured that a supply disruption will not affect our ability to deliver your fuel in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


The InterState McCellan Terminal transloading facility handles diesel, biodiesel, ethanol, and various bulk liquid products. Rail-to-truck transloading is accomplished using our proprietary high-speed loading system.

Our immaculate safety rating, attention to detail, and streamlined operating procedures are key reasons to consider allowing us to handle your bulk transloading needs.

For more information on Terminaling/Transloading or to find how our team can provide you with a fuel or oil rail solution today, please contact our McClellan Branch by phone at (916) 640-1348 or by email at cmclaughlin@interstateoil.com.