Cardlock Fueling

Cardlock Fueling

A Managed Cardlock Fuel System Built Entirely Around You.

At InterState Oil Company, we realize that not every company is the same and neither are their company’s fuel needs. That’s why we have changed the standard approach to cardlock fueling and created a new system built around customer service, customization and accessibility.

Customer Service

We offer Customer Service 24/7, day or night, to answer any questions or concerns regarding your cardlock fueling system. By phone: 888-YOU-FUEL (888-968-3835) or email:


  • We offer the option to customize one, simple invoice, allowing you to consolidate fuel bills and reports.
  • Retail restrictions available on certain cards, fuel purchases only.
  • Zip code/state restrictions available.
  • Product grade / product restrictions available.
  • Ability to set a gallon limit per day/week/month, per transaction or per fuel card.
  • Ability to set time of day or day of week restrictions


  • As member of the nation’s 2 largest commercial fueling networks available: Your InterState Card is accepted wherever you see Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) and Pacific Pride.
  • You will have access to over 58,000 locations nationwide.

Online Account and Card Management

  • We offer online access for your fleet card management which includes the ability to review transactions, order, activate and deactivate fuel cards, download transaction files and reports anytime of the day.


  • Customizable anti-theft program that includes custom fueling options and automated fleet transaction alerts.
  • Real-time Restriction Updates.
  • User Definable PIN Security.

All network locations can be found by clicking on the logos below.

InterState Oil Company Owned or Operated Cardlock Fueling Locations:

Interested in having Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) or Pacific Pride fuel cards accepted at your retail location? Contact us today: 888-YOU-FUEL (888-968-3835) or