3 Networks, Over 230,000 locations, 1 Invoice.
Your Fleet Fueling Just Got Easier.

InterState Oil Company is a member of the nation’s 3 largest commercial fueling networks available: Pacific Pride, Voyager and Commercial Fueling Network (CFN). With our portfolio of fleet fueling options, you can have access to over 230,000 locations nationwide and the convenience of a single invoice. Additionally, the security and notification ability of our system allows you to customize your fleet’s fueling options so you can rest assured that your company’s risk of theft is as low as possible. Contact us at 888-YOU-FUEL (888-968-3835) or email us at Cardlock@InterStateOil.com.

Our Comprehensive Cardlock Fueling Program Offers:
bullet Online fleet card management
bullet Largest number of fleet fueling locations
bullet Consolidated fuel bills and reporting
bullet Downloadable transaction file
bullet Customizable anti-theft program
bullet Automated fleet transaction alerts
bullet Customer Referral Program
bullet Automatic Sales Tax Discount (when applicable)


The InterState Card is Accepted Wherever You See:

InterState Oil Company Owned or Operated Cardlock Fueling Locations:

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