Bulk Fuel Deliveries

Bulk Transport Loads and Tankwagon Delivery – Tanks / Equipment

InterState Oil Company provides bulk fuel deliveries of all grades of gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, and Jet A in both transport (8,400 gallons gasoline or 7,600 gallons distillate) and tankwagon quantities (up to 4,000 gallons). We have an extensive fleet of fuel delivery trucks and geographic reach that can allow us to safely, efficiently deliver quality fuels to our bulk fuel customers.

Our drivers are courteous and professional in their endeavor to meet and exceed the customer’s needs. We service California and Nevada 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for your convenience.

We pride ourselves on our extensive fuel purchasing abilities that enable InterState Oil Company to offer a competitive advantage to our customers. In the event of a fuel shortage, InterState McClellan Terminal serves as a vital back-bone in our ability to ensure competitively priced products to our customers in a timely manner.

This facility, in addition to our other key strategic fuel storage locations and bulk plants, enables us to provide consistent competitive pricing during market fluctuations.

The InterState Oil Company Bulk fuel delivery experience allows you to take advantage of:
bullet Competitive rates

bullet Timely deliveries

bullet 24/7 Delivery schedule

bullet On-call emergency service

bullet 7600 diesel distillate
bullet Modern fleet with state-of-the-art fueling technology

bullet GPS fleet tracking capabilities 24/7

bullet Automated tank monitoring

bullet Our drivers are professional and courteous
bullet Safe deliveries made by extensively trained company-employed drivers

bullet Electronic invoicing via fax or e-mail to multiple email addresses

Inventory Management System

Let us maintain and manage your inventories based on market conditions and your fuel usage. We treat our customers tanks as if they were our own in delivering the fuel at the optimal time based on daily / weekly market direction. We have a guarantee program that ensures we will never run you out of fuel.

Take advantage of this program and immediately start recognizing the savings and gain the efficiencies that can allow you to succeed in having a fuel supply partner that cares about your fuel purchasing ability as much as you do.

Tanks and Equipment

InterState Oil Company has the ability to meet your equipment needs. Whether you are looking for a specific size or type of fuel tank, containment, or a pump with control system, our equipment specialists can assemble the right package to cater to your needs.