On-Site Fueling

InterState Oil Company is the leading On-Site Fueling provider in California and Nevada. On-Site Fueling is the optimal way of achieving fleet efficiency by allowing one of our professional drivers to fuel your fleet during off-use hours.

Fuel delivery can be provided at any time of day or night in order to prevent your drivers from spending non-productive and costly over-time at the pump. By having your drivers report to work in a fleet that is already fueled and ready to start generating revenue is an excellent way to drive un-necessary costs out of doing business. On-Site Fueling is most effective in fueling fleets, construction equipment, and generators.

Many successful companies have found that InterState Oil Company On-Site Fueling services allow them to reduce overall labor costs while increasing productivity. This simple advantage allows them to recognize improved performance to the bottom line and overall profitability of their businesses.

Some of the key advantages of utilizing On-Site Fueling to fuel your equipment are:
bullet The ability to reduce overall labor costs and increase profits through gaining productivity in fueling your fleet.
bullet We can handle large regional accounts and streamline the process of vendor management through our extensive network of choice on-Site fueling providers in other areas.
bullet Eliminate the need for costly on-site fuel storage tanks (permitting, adherence to regulations, risk of theft, etc.).
bullet Our technology allows you to constantly have a real time control over the fuel that your fleet is using.
bullet When your drivers report to work, they are ready to start generating revenue rather than costing you money for a sometimes daily task that can be eliminated.

State-of the art technology allows us to efficiently deliver the fuel delivery data to your desktop in a timely manner. Our drivers use a handheld device that captures the units fueled, number of gallons to the tenth of a gallon, and mileage (if required). Your units are designated by a bar-code decal that is affixed to each tank.

Once our drivers complete a delivery, the information is then immediately uploaded to the internet and available in an organized and concise manner for review by fleet managers and other personnel within your organization.